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Dictionary Tools

One category of computer software which often receives little attention is the world of dictionary software. Whilst this type of utility might not seem particularly interesting, dictionary software is an important tool for writers and students. If you are learning a new language or want to check the meaning of a word or phrase, a good dictionary tool will be very useful.

Many people use a traditional dictionary primarily for checking the spelling of a word. However, lots of computer software includes built-in spelling checking, often on-the-fly. The tools featured in this article offer far more functionality than mere spell-checking. Here you will find software that can actually transform the way that you write.

Here’s our recommended Windows dictionary tools. There are all free to download and published under open source licenses.

Dictionary Tools
GoldenDictFeature-rich tool offering translations of words and phrases for many languages
ArthaCross-platform English thesaurus that works completely off-line; based on WordNet
StarDictCross-platform and international dictionary written in Gtk
JaLingoSupports DSL, Mova, MySQL and Sdictionary
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