Utility Software

This is a roundup of all the best utility software for Windows.

All of the software is free to download, and released under an open source license.

File Comparisons - File comparison compares the contents of computer files, finding their common contents and their differences. The result of the comparison is often known as a diff.
Calculators - the calculators featured in this article are sophisticated with the ability to process difficult mathematical functions, to plot graphs in 2D and 3D, and much more.
File Managers - software which provides a user interface to assist in the organization of files. It helps users with their daily work in managing their files on a hard drive or other storage device.
Dictionary Tools - An important tool for writers and students. If you are learning a new language or want to check the meaning of a word or phrase, a good dictionary tool will be very useful.
Search the Filesystem - Desktop search is a software application which searches the contents of computer files, rather than searching the internet. The purpose of this software is to enable the user to locate information on their computer that they just cannot seem to find.
Digital Forensics - Digital forensics is a specialist art. It allows investigations to be undertaken without modifying the media.
Monitor Calibration - If you value image quality and accuracy, calibration of your monitor will be important. Anyone involved in digital photography, graphic design or artwork will recognize the importance that their monitor is producing the best results, showing true colors and black levels.
ebook tools - An electronic book (commonly abbreviated e-book) is a text and image-based publication which can be read on a computer or other digital devices such as an e-book reader.
Clipboard - Here’s our recommended free and open source Windows based clipboard tools.