Best Free Subtitle Editors

Subtitle Editors

A subtitle editor is a type of computer software that lets users create and edit subtitles. These subtitles are superimposed over, and synchronized with, video. Subtitles can literally make the difference between being immersed in a movie or only watching the screen, trying to keep up with developments. Good subtitling does not distract but actually enhances viewing pleasure, and even native speakers can find subtitles useful, not only where the individual is hearing-impaired.

A subtitle is a text representation of the dialog, narration, music, or sound effects in a video file. Subtitles are available in multiple formats.

Mangled subtitles can infuriate viewers. Fortunately, there is a good range of open source software that lets you make subtitles. These editors help you preview how the subtitles appear on the video, and listen to the dialog. Additionally, they offer the ability to make entering and editing text easy, with good control over text formatting and positioning.

All of the software is released under an open source license.

Subtitle Editors
AegisubFully fledged, highly customizable tool for creating and modifying subtitles
JublerJava based tool to edit text-based subtitles
GaupolGTK3 based editor for text-based subtitles
Subtitle ComposerKF5/Qt video subtitle editor
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