Best Free Windows Office Suites – essential software for any business


Office Suites are an essential element of any operating system. It’s impossible to envisage using a desktop operating system without office software.

An office suite is a collection of related software for knowledge workers. The software is distributed together in a single package, with a consistent graphical interface, and typically with strong integration between the different components.

The types of software included in an office suite often consist of word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, database and more. For many users the office suite (together with a web browser and email client) represents the cornerstone of their computing day, particularly in the business field. A high quality office suite is therefore a basic necessity for any computing platform to prosper.

Microsoft Office dominates market share of office suites. Businesses have often rejected free Office alternatives. However, whether this will continue is uncertain. With the cost of a price plan for Microsoft Office, the average home user or small business will welcome a free alternative. Fortunately, there are some truly excellent open source alternatives available. Each of the office suites featured here is released under an open source license.

Office suites
LibreOfficePowerful, complete, free open source office suite
Apache OpenOfficeOffice productivity software suite. It descends from and IBM Lotus Symphony
ONLYOFFICEMultifunctional cloud online office suite
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