Qmmp – Qt-based multimedia player

qmmp is a free and open-source audio player written in C++ with the help of the Qt library.

The default user interface of qmmp seeks inspiration from Winamp, a proprietary freeware media player for Windows, macOS and Android,

Features include:

  • XMMS and Winamp 2.x skins support.
  • Alternative user interface based on standard widgets set.
  • 10-band equalizer.
  • MP3, Vorbis, AAC, AAC+ streams support.
  • MMS support (experimental).
  • MPRIS (1.0 and 2.0).
  • Removable device detection (via HAL or UDisks).
  • Video playback via Mplayer.
  • Lyrics (using lyrics.wikia.com).
  • Cover art.
  • CUE sheet support.
  • Embedded CUE support (for FLAC and WavPack).
  • Multiple playlists.
  • Automatic charset detection for cue files and ShoutCast metadata.
  • Playlist formats: m3u, pls, xspf.
  • ReplayGain support.
  • Last.fm/Libre.fm scrobbler.
  • CDDB support.
  • Stream browser.
  • Audio formats converter.
  • External programs execution on track change.
  • ReplayGain scanner.
  • Archive reader (RAR and 7z).
  • Audio recording.
  • Plugins add additional functionality:
    • Qmmp Plugin Pack – a set of extra plugins for Qmmp.
    • Qmmp plugin for YouTube – plugin for Qmmp to search and play musics directly from YouTube.
    • qmmp-plugin-ym – input plugin for Qmmp to replay YM music modules.
    • qmmp-xmp – libxmp-based module (tracker) input plugin for Qmmp.
    • qmmp-optimfrog – OptimFROG input plugin for Qmmp.
    • qmmp-openmpt – libopenmpt-based module (tracker) input plugin for Qmmp.
    • qmmp-adplug – AdPlug-based AdLib input plugin for Qmmp.
    • ZXTune plugin – ZXTune-based input plugin for Qmmp to play chiptunes.
    • qmmp-modern – an attempt to support “modern” Winamp skins in a Qmmp plugin.
  • Formats supported:
      • MPEG1 layer 2/3.
      • Ogg Vorbis.
      • Ogg Opus.
      • Native FLAC/Ogg FLAC.
      • Musepack.
    • WavePack.
    • tracker modules (mod, s3m, it, xm, etc).
    • ADTS AAC.
    • CD Audio.
    • WMA, Monkey’s Audio (and other formats provided by FFmpeg library).
    • PCM WAVE (and other formats provided by libsndfile library).
    • Midi.
    • SID.
    • Chiptune formats (AY, GBS, GYM, HES, KSS, NSF, NSFE, SAP, SPC, VGM, VGZ, VTX).
  • Internationalization support – translations for Czech, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian.
  • Cross-platform support – runs under Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD.

Website: qmmp.ylsoftware.com
Support: SourceForge Project Page
Developer: Qmmp Development Team
License: GNU General Public License version 2.0


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